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 example of an outdoor kitchen project, close up of barbecue hood and food cooking on a stainless steel barbecue.

Outdoor Kitchens


Outdoor KitchensIn recent years, many people have been looking to make more of the living space they have rather than move house, and this has led to a boom in the demand for Outdoor Kitchens; here are some of the reasons people fall in love with their Outdoor Kitchens!



Outdoor Kitchens are Sociable


Nothing is more enjoyable than getting together as a family and cooking outdoors. Outdoor Kitchens also make a great setting for a party and you can impress your friends with your cooking skills! Children love the novelty of watching Mum or Dad cook outside and love taking part too!



It Tastes Great


You can’t beat the taste of freshly cooked barbecued food – be it a succulent steak, a fully loaded burger, a perfectly seared tuna steak or some corn on the cob. Combine with some of our Barbecue Smokers and you have a million and one different flavour combinations!



Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens Look Great!


As you can see from our galleries page Outdoor Kitchens look very stylish and enhance the look and value of your garden or roof terrace! Outdoor Kitchens can include a variety of appliances including barbecues, wood fired ovens, preparation areas, dining areas, outdoor fridges, a bar and bar stools.



Be Adventurous!


Many people associate barbecues and Outdoor Kitchens with cooking burgers and sausages or at least with cooking meat based main meals. In fact, exquisite vegetarian meals and even deserts can be cooked on your barbecue!



Outdoor Kitchens

It’s Healthier


When cooking outside not only can you dispense with fatty cooking oils but you benefit from the fresh air whilst you are cooking!



Less Mess!


Spillages inevitably occur when cooking inside or outside but when cooking in Outdoor Kitchens, there is no carpet to ruin and no kitchen lino to clean, so spillages are no longer catastrophic!